Technical Characteristics:

  • Compact dimensions
  • Low weight
  • Drive: cardan shaft, hydraulic motor, or e-/ diesel/ engine
  • Flexible rotating drive direction
  • Alterable position of air inlet and pressure outlet
  • Variable attachment and fl exible mounting
  • Non-corrosive materials
  • Efficient cooling system
  • Oil-free and oil lubricated versions
  • Available for 4.5 bar, 8 bar or 10 bar
  • Suitable for vacuum compression applications



Product Advantages:

Short Discharging Periods

The compressor capacity and volume flow rate are synchronised exactly, which leads to great performance.

You have surely experienced the same: Some compressors run hot on higher pressure and consequently turn off. This will never happen with a BRAETSCH compressor. The discharging runs with 2.5 bar; though the compressor is laid out for 4.5, 8 or 10 bar.

A BRAETSCH compressor even runs very reliably under extreme conditions, for example when discharging high viscosity media (resin) and pressure in high altitude tanks.

Low Life Cycle Cost

BRAETSCH compressors are characterised by a more than average life span. Especially the oil-lubricated compressors often reach a product life of several decades. You thereby protect yourself from unplanned new expenditures.

BRAETSCH reciprocating compressors satisfy their owners with their slow wear out and therefore low maintenance costs. In comparison to vane compressors, you save yourself the laborious changing of the vanes. If parts should fail nevertheless, the reciprocating system is easy to repair and known in all garages. Moreover, spare parts are always on stock, independent from serial numbers.

Low Mounting Costs

Thanks to its small size, the BRAETSCH reciprocating compressor can be mounted from various positions – even overhead if you want (oil-free compressor).

The outlet temperature is so low that you can use flexible pressure hoses so that you do not have to install dditional conduits.

Reliable Operation

Those looking for a compressor can choose between the low-cost vane compressor system and the robust reciprocating technology. At BRAETSCH we have always focused on reciprocating compressors because they exhibit a much longer product life. In comparison to vane compressors, the reciprocating models are not influenced by possible stagnancy, high loads or temperature oscillation - a BRAETSCH reciprocating compressor runs undisturbed.


Other Applications:

  • Handicraft
  • Industry
  • Usage on communal vehicles
  • Usage on suction- and flushing vehicles
  • Usage on service vehicles
  • Usage on tractors
  • Usage on trains
  • Drive of compressed air tools on vehicles
  • Additional compressed air on deep cleaner (injektion type)
  • Vacuum und compression applications
  • Blowing filters
  • Tyre pressure control systems
  • Containershiftsystems
  • Brake air